Grown-up grilled cheese.

I remember being in the bread aisle as a kid and trying to persuade my mother to go for a loaf of white bread rather than the usual multi-grain Oatnut bread. Someone please explain to me what it is about dry, plain white bread that is so exciting to children? Maybe it was the fun multi-colored dots that the Wonderbread team strategically covered their loaves in.

As my taste buds have matured, I have really come to enjoy a good piece of bread to surround my sandwich fillings. And while there is something to be said about the classic, childhood-reminiscent combo of American cheese and whitebread, I prefer to look for something more to fill my grilled cheeses with these days.

Enter beer bread, cheddar, tomato, and baby spinach.

I know what you’re thinking. And YUM is right.

I know what I am thinking. I wish I had a better backdrop for taking glamor pictures of dinner. Ah, well.

But really, this was delicious. The bread could have been sliced a little thinner to allow for better cheese melting, but the grill master did its job alright.

By the way, mister Webb and I have a love-hate relationship with our mock-barbeque. We love it for the time period after our meal and before we have started trying to scrub the grease off of it. Ew.

Beer bread is super easy to make, and you can actually taste the beer in it! It’s a quick bread in that it requires no rising time, but it still tastes yeasty instead of sweet like most quickbreads are. Plus… cooking with beer makes me feel grown-up!

Check out the original recipe for bread here.

Happy grilled-cheesing!



I’m a big proponent of saving. Time, money, leftovers… I can probably credit it to mode of survival in college the last few years. I wonder if that is something I can put on my resume? Andrea Webb… BA in psychology, expert on saving stuff. Hmm.

But here’s the problem with saving: I made some awesome pumpkin and black bean enchiladas for dinner last night. So do Mr Webb and I just truck through the endless platter until they are all done? Enchiladas for breakfast! Enchiladas for lunch! Enchiladas for dinner!!!!!

Ergh. As yum-tastic as they were, I can only eat so much of the same thing before I go enchilada-crazy. Plus, I am a veggie freak and need to eat a large amount of green things with each meal.

Thus, the enchilada salad was born:

Of course, it stayed in this form for only as long as I needed it to look pretty and photogenic. As soon as I was satisfied with a picture, I picked up a fork, chopped the enchiladas into bits, and tossed the whole thing together.

I adore spinach, but because it is on the bitter side of the salad family, it does need something to coat it with. Adding a cup of spinach to leftovers with a lot of flavor allows you to use up leftovers without feeling like you are eating dinner for lunch, and ups your veggie count for the day. WIN!

And, although the enchiladas themselves were not the showcase of this post… I might as well share my recipe. They were born out of my obvious obsession with pumpkin and wanting to use up things in my fridge:


3 1/2 cups black beans (one can), drained and rinsed

1 cup pumpkin puree

handful of spinach

1/4 onion, chopped and sauteed

touch of hot sauce

onion powder, chili powder, and cumin to taste

Mix filling ingredient together, steam 9 small corn tortillas, divide filling between tortillas, roll up, sit filled tortillas in glass baking pan (seam-side down), cover with Mole sauce, top with 1/2 cup of monterey jack cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

I was expecting more of a pumpkin taste, but the pumpkin was actually very subtle. Still delicious, of course, but the pumpkin could have maybe been brought out with more traditional pumpkin spices. These were healthy and, of course, full of Vitamin A!

Hungry girl has a pumpkin-spinach enchilada recipe as well… check it out! Maybe next time I’ll try something closer to this recipe.

Love is like… a pumpkin.

My husband’s breakfast: ingredients… peanut butter, jelly, and whole wheat.

My breakfast: pumpkin puree mixed with greek yogurt and Peace all natural apple cinnamon cereal/granola. (BOMB)

I like to think that I am all sophisticated and foodie-esque these days, and that my husband is a dork cutie for eating his 3 favorite meals all the time (pb and j, bacon burgers, and BLTs), but am I really any different? I don’t think I can count the number of things I’ve incorporated pumpkin into in the last few weeks on my two hands.

Can I say, thanks to Starbucks’ early release of the pumpkin spice latte (august?? really!?) and thanks to Costco’s 3-pack of Libby’s 29-oz pumpkin puree, I am com-plete-lyyyy knee deep in my yearly pumpkin obsession. Good thing October is right around the corner! And good thing the rest of the blog world is fueling my pumpkin preoccupation.

Tune in soon for today’s pumpkin-inspired lunch. Which was amazing.


I like food.

Yeah, so I believe that starting up a food-related blog officially tips the scale on the “foodie” factor.

Over the last two years, I have gone from someone who could barely cook an egg, to a person that cooks something different daily for the pure enjoyment of experimenting and learning the art of food. I have a list of foodie blogs that I check daily for inspiration and lovely photography. I have started taking pictures of my own food.

Hi, my name is Andrea Webb, and I am a foodie.

I hope that you will enjoy sharing in my journey of discovering the foodie world!