Mrs webb in an interview suit.

I may be Mrs. Webb in the kitchen, but tonight I am Mrs. Webb in an interview suit.

Everyone who has ever looked for a job knows the frustration and anxiety that can often accompany the search. I have been out of college for nearly a year, and have yet to land a position that I see myself in for a long time and uses my skills and talents. Even though I try and calm the voice within that chides me for being a year out of college and still serving coffee, it is difficult to quiet it completely.

I know that I am extremely blessed and in a happy, happy spot in my life. I am married to a wonderful and supportive husband, I genuinely enjoy working at Starbucks, and I am in no sort of desperate financial need to work more between my husband and I. Yet still, it is tough to get dressed up, get your hopes up about a position that sounds challenging and exciting, only to know that there is a large possibility that someone else will be more qualified or attractive for the position than you.

I need to remind myself this, and I hope that if you are getting down on yourself for any reason, job related or otherwise, you will too: I know that I have unique strengths that will help me to be the best I can be at the job that I am best fit for. Every position I apply for will not be that job, and that is the point of an interview. I should be thankful for the interview process, as its purpose is to find the person whose abilities and experience best fit the job, and not to judge a person’s validity as worthy of working in general.

Just because I do not land this job does not mean that my talents, skills, personality, and abilities are not of value to someone, somewhere. Next time you are dressed for success and heading off to an interview, look in the mirror and remind yourself of how talented and skilled you are. Even if you don’t land that job.


2 thoughts on “Mrs webb in an interview suit.

  1. I recently (like 2 days ago) just gave up my job and the search is very intimidating. I’m worried that after 7 years running a company I will stuck at a job where my skills aren’t being used. With you being a year out of college though- I wouldn’t sweat it too much. I would also recommend joining any local business women’s networking groups and/or young professionals. good luck!

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