Rachael Ray’s Chipotle Turkey-Apple Chili!

One of the best gifts I’ve gotten in the past few years is a subscription to Rachael Ray magazine. My mother signed me up for my birthday this year, and I don’t think she really imagined just how much I would appreciate the gift. I literally comb through each issue, read every single recipe, study every new-to-me method, and drool over the beautifully-photographed food. I am glued to the couch for a good hour or two, scissors in hand, frantically cutting out recipes that I think would be fun to make and that Mister Webb may enjoy eating.

Something that may be totally obvious but that I have learned in the past year is this: I will probably only like the outcome of a recipe if I know that the ingredients are things that I like. My rationale was, at one time, that the individual ingredients didn’t matter so long as they turned into something new… This works for some things (who eats flour raw? but everyone loves cookies) but not for others. Especially with a selective husband, I make sure the ingredients by themselves make me drool before I set out to make dinner.

Apple cider… tart green apples… toasted pumpkin seeds… chipotle peppers?! Sign me UP.

I must inform you that this piece of cookware is one of my favorites. Obviously a wedding gift, because I know they are expensive… but I love that this guy can go straight from the stovetop to the oven. And bright red is so fun.

This looks icky because, well, anything meat-y and sweating so that all the flavors come together will look icky. At least, they will with my photography skills.

But this is better, right? This was a win of a recipe- confirmed by Mr and Mrs. The most exciting part to me was the toppings. The cheese got all melty on top, and the pepitas and cool, crunchy apples gave a nice texture contrast to the chili. Now, if only the weather would hurry up and get more appropriately fall-like so that I may feel right in enjoying this type of cold-weather fare.

So that you, too, can make this, go here.


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