Snickerdoodle Cookie Cupcakes!

I hereby present to you… the most wonderful combination of cake and cookie that this girl has ever tasted.Underneath that modest exterior of what looks like a regular boxed cupcake is the magic of cookie, cake, and frosting working together to form beautiful harmony in your mouth.

For some reason, cookies on their own tend to bore me. I think it’s a texture thing? And cake on its own… let’s be real, here… cake on its own can be rather boring. I love the decorative aspect of cakes, do not hear me wrong! I will walk by the bakery section at the grocery store needlessly… only to gawk at the fabulous artistry displayed in the glass cases. But when I’m feeling like dessert, cake would probably be my last choice.

However… I loved this cupcake. Let’s not even call it a cupcake- the cake part of it probably only constituted one-third of the body of the thing. The bottom layer was more dense than a cookie would be if baked on its own, the frosting on top was simply decadent, and the cake layer in the middle rounded the whole thing out.

There’s nothing like a good baked good and a cup of joe. If you are a snickerdoodle fan, I urge you to head on over to How Sweet It Is and make these tonight.

I happened to have snickerdoodle dough left over from making cookies a few days earlier, and I just added some cinnamon to yellow *box cake batter for my cake layer. I followed the frosting instructions to a T, though, and it was wonderful.

Do NOT forget to top them with cinnamon sugar… they look 10 times prettier this way, and add enough “oomph” to take them over the top!

I hope you are loving the fall weather as much as I!

*I have a hatred for box cake… but I was out of milk and had to resort to using what I had on-hand! Don’t judge me!! So, you also have a right to use boxed cake it you like. Please don’t use a snickerdoodle cookie mix, though. That’s just gross.


3 thoughts on “Snickerdoodle Cookie Cupcakes!

  1. Lovely photos! 🙂

    Love that light coming through the back 🙂
    Helene (duJardin) says she uses side lighting thhe most, then bounces the light on the opposite side with a white foam board. I did that for a really long time and got just ‘ok’ results. Ever since I started shooting outside, my ISO dropped to 100 or 200 (I use auto, sue me lol) and the lower the ISO, the sharper & brighter my photos have been. I still process like mad in Photoshop though, don’t know if I told you that before. I increase the saturation and brighten at least 1 layer of my photo each and every time. What program do you use?

    • Thank you!

      I just use the program that came with my computer, microsoft photo processor or something like that. Eventually I’d love to get a better program though! I’m definitely just using auto, I really don’t know anything about photography yet… I’m a cook, not a photographer! It will come with time, I’m sure. Thanks for the whiteboard tip! I’ll be experimenting with different methods, I’m sure.

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