Happy birthday Dad! Carrot cake macadamia-nut cookies.

My Dad is having a birthday today! Since work schedules and distance prevent me from being able to give him a big, fat hug and a homemade cake today, I settled for some mail-sent love.

In the form of…COOKIES! (lit candle was not included in package.)

Carrot-cake-macadamia-nut cookies, to be precise. I can’t recall a birthday of his when he didn’t request a carrot cake. I do know, however, that since my brother and I have moved out, he and my mom have taken to going out to dinner on their birthdays and sometimes skipping the dessert altogether. Gasp gasp gasp.

Hopefully, this year, he and my mom will indulge in a little birthday-cookie treat since it should have arrived in their mailbox yesterday.

In my opinion, if you are reading this, Dad, the candle is not optional. Light ‘er up and make a wish!To my Dad-

the man who never runs out of bear hugs…

who told me that the boys at school must have been crazy when I came home from middle/high school dances, shy and awkward, reporting that I hadn’t been asked to dance…

who was a wonderful model of a loving and giving husband, so that I recognized the right guy when he came along for me…

who took his socially-uncommon role as stay-at-home Dad in great stride and with all the love in the world…

who taught me a love for the outdoors, jogging, and country music…

who was the only person that got me to cry at my own wedding with his genuine, loving speech…

Happy birthday, Daddy! Love you with all of my heart.

Love, your girl.


2 thoughts on “Happy birthday Dad! Carrot cake macadamia-nut cookies.

  1. I love this recipe and it’s outcome – what a beautiful marriage of cookie and cake!
    Only yesterday was my daddy’s birthday and I made him a lemon meringue – dads have such a special spot 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

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