Once You POP, the Fun Don’t Stop

I think I may have a problem.

I feel a fever coming on.

And the only prescription is…

More cake pops!!

*I have no association with Pringles, nor did I ask their permission to use their brilliant slogan as the title of my post. I did find it rather fitting for this post, however!


5 thoughts on “Once You POP, the Fun Don’t Stop

  1. How did I possible miss 3 count them, 1, 2, 3 posts??? Where have I been? My goodness I apologize for my delay in commenting by blogging buddy! I really enjoyed the use of the word “littered” …nice! I think it was the first cake pop posting…I have never made these…but they look so cute, I may have to break down and give them a try!

    • Well, it had been three months… I don’t blame you for not checking daily! You could totally do cake pops with your kids! Just get to the dipping and sprinkling part, lay down some newspaper and let them go at it!

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