Royal Icing: the Debut.

Last Sunday, Mister Webb and I decided the time was right to hunt down our Christmas tree. Last year, we ended up getting it a week or so before Christmas, and not wanting to shorten our enjoyment of it, left it up for an embarrassingly long amount of time after the holiday was over. Let’s just say… I could have strung paper hearts all over the tree and it wouldn’t have looked all that wrong.

All that to say, we jumped right on our tree finding quest as soon as we’d finished up the thanksgiving leftovers this year. Maybe we will have our fill of the Christmas tree by new years?

My sweet husband loves buying gifts for people, and loves seeing them all wrapped up under the tree. A package with my name on it appeared under the tree not a week after we’d put it up. Chris insisted I open it early- as long as I promised to use it that day. A Wilton Christmas cookie mold pan- with twelve different shapes! Slightly self motivated, perhaps, as he knew that cookies would be the result of my opening the gift…

And such was the birth of my first attempted royal icing decorated sugar cookies.

I grouped them by the main color that I would ice them with…

Mixed colors, filled pastry cones, outlined, flooded, and wiped a few beads of sweat from my brow… (a few cookies may have been eaten in the process)

It was tedious and time consuming, and my end result was not nearly as pretty as I’d pictured they would be, but I had fun with the learning process and enjoyed handing them out to some kiddies at my church.

A wonderful way to kick off the Christmas cookie baking season, I’d say!


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