A Bride and Groom Cake

wilcoxcake1A couple of our friends are getting married in a little over a week. (!!!) For some crazy reason, they are trusting me with making their wedding cake. The only reason I’m not completely hyperventilating is because it is their wedding cake, but it’s not the wedding cake. They ordered a plethora of cupcakes from a professional bakery for their guests, and they asked me to make a cake just for the two of them to cut into. Of course, when they asked, I jumped at the chance, as making wedding cakes is a dream of mine! And what an honor! Thanks Matt and Cassandra!

The bride is a super sweet second year teacher and about as far from a “bridezilla” as can be. Working off of her request for strawberry shortcake, which is traditionally more of a biscuit with whipped cream, I made a buttery yellow cake, stuffed it with fresh strawberries, and frosted it with a super light vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. As whipped cream wouldn’t have survived the Fresno heat, I think this cake is a pretty good stand-in. Strawberry shortcake all dressed up for her wedding day, perhaps? I just hope the bride and groom love it as much as I loved making it!