Why, hello blogging world! It’s been a minute… or a year and a half!? Goodness gracious!

bakeAlthough not lately, this blog has seen me through many changes in my life. I started this blog shortly after getting married, documented what I was baking while serving lattes at Starbucks, waxed poetic about healthy eating and cake decorating simultaneously while baking at Whole Foods. The last post I wrote on here was an attempt to keep up with the blog just a little since I had put it on my resume for Arizmendi! (apparently they didn’t look at it anyway… haha!)

This morning, I am coming to this abandoned-but-not-forgotten space with a head full of decisions to make and a heart full of gratitude for the time I had with my amazing co-owners/co-bakers/friends at Arizmendi. My time as a co-owner and baker at Arizmendi Bakery has been enriching, challenging, fun, freeing, and wonderful in so many ways, but it is drawing to a close.

bakersI hope to write a longer post about Arizmendi soon, but for right now, I need to figure out what I have learned about myself from my time at Arizmendi that will give me a clue as to what to do next. I have two very different possibilities on the table right now: I go in for a tryout at the Sacramento bakery of my dreams tomorrow. The position I am trying out for is for a swing shift (11pm to 7 am!) cake decorator. It will probably be a pay cut for me. BUT it will be a quick commute, my cake decorating skills will soar, and it is a place I would like to be able to stay and work my way up and around in. It is in line with my current long-term goals of decorating wedding cakes.

The second opportunity is to work for a larger company with awesome pay, benefits, and schedule, but I would be sacrificing the development of my skills as a baker as they only make about 20% of their product from scratch. I would gain management skills, as it is a supervisor position.

ladiesWhat have I loved about Arizmendi? I love the people… I love not having a boss and being equal to everyone I work with despite age, experience, or seniority. I love working with my hands every day and creating something delicious and amazing. I love seeing something that’s not working well or could work better and finding a solution or a system for it. I love that every day is the same and different all at the same time.

What I haven’t loved… being tired all the time. Having very little time with Mr. Webb or friends outside of the bakery. Commuting and traffic.


Just a mini ramble trying to sort out my thoughts! I am a tumble of emotion right now between thinking about leaving a job and people I love but knowing it’s the right thing to do… feeling excited about the next job but unsure about which is the best choice… excitement about a new adventure in a new town and a new house with Mr. Webb… being closer to hubby’s family and some friends!

I need to remember to not be afraid of making the wrong choice, because it doesn’t have to be forever. Our actions have consequences, but we also have the power to change our lives at any time.

<3, Mrs. Webb