The Mrs…

Why hello, reader! I’m Andrea.


I started this blog in 2011 when I was a newlywed, fresh out of college, and working two (not great) part-time jobs. At that time, I was in the kitchen during pretty much every moment of my free time. I never made it to culinary school of any kind, but I have been baking professionally since early 2012 through sheer luck and persistence. I still can hardly believe that I get to do what I love for a living.

I am extremely blessed to be married to an incredibly charming, funny, handsome, kind-hearted man. We have a feisty, adorable, goofy cat named Gus!

I blog sporadically and in waves… at least for now.

Thanks for joining me in my kitchen!

Love, Andrea

aka Mrs Webb in the Kitchen


10 thoughts on “The Mrs…

  1. Well Good Evening to you Mrs. Webb….So wonderful that I stumbled across your blog. Wow…who knew …probably everyone but me 🙂 I am so happy to have found your blog and I will certainly keep checking in to see what you are up to…that interview post wouldn’t have been for the job that you have now? would it? You are inspiring me to reinvigorate my blogs….yes multiple and sadly left in the dust…for a while…See you soon…vacation is coming to a swift close and I will be back at it tomorrow am…:-)

    • Hi Angela!! Haha, glad that you stumbled across it! I definitely don’t update very often, but I have fun with it when I do. I believe that I wrote that particular post about the interview about another job that I interviewed for about a month or two before whole foods and didn’t end up getting. And I was right- I ended up where I needed to be! Will be glad to see you back at work in a few hours!!

  2. Finally stalking you on facebook has paid off. I found this! Nice to hear you are doing so well. Have fun in the kitchen I will steal your recipes form time to time.

    • Hahahaha love it! Glad you’ve been stalking me, because I for sure stalk you from time to time too! Steal, steal away! Remember the time we tried to make cookies at my house and I got really freaked out when you didn’t want to follow the directions to a T? Good times! 😉

      • I vaguely remember that. I also remember heading to your place once and you calling me to bring butter to make cookies with I believe Julia. Always good times!

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